Same Day Test


Gabrielle and I went out for three months. It was a stormy, moody ride, but it was a hell of a ride. She was a hell of a ride, physical. Sometimes we would be sitting around at my place and she would literally grab me and drag me to bed. Those shiny black curls would rain around my face, trapping me with her angry eyes. When she got near orgasm she would pull my hair and start biting. Sometimes she liked to be slapped across the face but once when I did it she spat into my eye and stamped out in her underwear, dressing in my stairwell. Crazy Mediterraneans.

It couldn’t last of course; the sex will blind you to most things but you need more for it to last. I got to know a nice girl at work and I saw the things I was missing. Common interests, random conversations. Introducing her to my friends. A quiet couple of hours together.

About this time Gabrielle decided I wasn’t keeping up with her anyway. A recipe for an amicable split — but since it was Gabrielle it happened loudly and I nearly lost some teeth.

We never used a condom.

Maybe that was stupid but she was on the pill and she was a friend of a friend and she said she was safe, damnit. I mean, I actually had the rubbers and I’d always used them and I asked her straight out and she said yes, she had always been safe. So we did it bareback.

I never did get it together with the girl from work. In fact I’ve been dry since Gabrielle. Thank fuck. What if … ?

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